This is going to be a rather short entry, I hope, because I got on a rant while posting for my on-line class, and wrote for a whole hour. My writing itch having been scratched, I shut down my computer for the night, cleaned up in the kitchen, played a bit with the cat and started heading for bed. Only then did I remember that I had neglected my blog! Oh my.

Not that I’m tired of writing, but I somehow felt that my need had been satisfied after waxing eloquent for my class discussion forum. It’s their fault, really. They got me on one of my favorite soapboxes. Mostly about the gentle mercy AND fierce justice of God, and how these days people want one, but not the other. (I’ll let you guess which one.) But don’t get me started.

Anyway, a day full of enjoyable pursuits. I coached first thing this morning, and gave too much advice. I’ll have to back myself off and just stick to questions. Then to the storytelling seminar. We helped facilitate, and I think everyone is enjoying it. I’m just wondering if it’s the best use of my time. Then to an hour and a half of Biblical Hebrew. Didn’t embarrass myself, so that counts as a good class. Home, left-overs for supper, posting on my on-line class, then blogging. Full day.

Just one story to relate, and then to bed. Yesterday we met with the other facilitators for this training. During the meal/meeting I snapped a few photos, trying to find something beautiful. The others (besides Mr.) wanted to know why I was taking photos of random things. I then explained the whole premise behind this blog. One thousand days of finding beauty. They were mildly bemused, and I found myself, for the first time, a little shy about the endeavor. Weird feeling. I have never felt apologetic for this exercise before.

But it’ll take more than a few puzzled expressions to turn me back now.

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