It’s really late, and today was relatively uneventful. I had two skype calls; one at 8 in the morning, one at 8 in the evening. We had a mid-morning brunch, then I came back and read lots of stuff for my on-line class. I fought sleep a lot of the time, and apparently did not fight it very successfully. Somehow 3 hours slipped by me, with relatively little reading progress. I moved from reading on my bed (yeah, big mistake) to reading on a rather uncomfortable upright chair at the kitchen table. Big improvement. I had a coaching meeting at 4, and really enjoyed the time I spent with the young lady. Back home, TV, supper, another skype (mentioned above) and another hour or so of reading. I almost forgot to blog all together. I am so tired that, although I was again sitting in the hard, straight-backed kitchen chair, I still nodded off a few times. 😦

In any case, I got lots of really great photos from today. They were all taken going to and coming from my coaching engagement. Some were pretty beautiful, some were really quite unique and interesting. I had trouble choosing, but finally went for the pretty one. Although it is rather interesting as well. 

I am eager to be off to bed, and so that’s it for tonight.

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